06 June 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Lies Owe a Debt to the Truth - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow

"There was time when average Americans could be counted upon to know correctly whether the country was going up or down, because in those days when America prospered, the American people prospered as well. These days things are different.

Let's look at it in a statistical sense. If you look at it from the middle of the 1930's (the Depression) up until the year 1980, the lower 90 percent of the population of this country, what you might call the American people, that group took home 70 percent of the growth in the country's income. If you look at the same numbers from 1997 up until now, from the height of the great Dot Com bubble up to the present, you will find that this same group, the American people, pocketed none of this country's income growth at all.

Our share of these great good times was zero, folks. The upper ten percent of the population, by which we mean our country's financiers and managers and professionals, consumed the entire thing. To be a young person in America these days is to understand instinctively the downward slope that so many of us are on."

Thomas Frank, Kansas City Missouri, 6 April 2017

"When the modern corporation acquires power over markets, power in the community, power over the state and power over belief, it is a political instrument, different in degree but not in kind from the state itself. To hold otherwise — to deny the political character of the modern corporation — is not merely to avoid the reality. It is to disguise the reality. The victims of that disguise are those we instruct in error."

John Kenneth Galbraith

One of the older male anchors on financial TV today noted, in a very condescending tone, that for some reason Elizabeth Warren 'has an attitude' when it comes to corporations.

I hope she and some of her like minded fellows get their opportunity to extend the hand of equal justice to these smug serial felons, pampered polecats, and corporatist clowns.   It has been a long time coming.

Stocks pushed higher today into the afternoon and the close.

Gold and silver backed off some of their earlier gains, again.

The other day 'someone' dumped 15,000 contracts on the paper gold market to keep the price from breaking out above 1350, and pushed it back down below 1340. And they seem determined to keep it there.

Tomorrow we will get the Non-Farm Payrolls Report for May. The number has implications, not so much for the real economy, but rather for the policy of the Fed in raising or lowering rates, and continuing to feed hot money into the financial assets bubbles, or not.

Have a pleasant evening.