26 June 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Downward Spiral of Dumbness

"Ideologues are often willfully blind, on both the right and the left.  It serves them. Their selective blindness allows them to avoid thinking seriously about the world—  and especially the state of their own souls. 

Most of their lives are spent in the expedient serving of themselves.  The good they do, the good things they may think, the public service that they may provide is generally inner directed.  It is designed to make themselves feel good about themselves, and superior and apart from other people, whom they secretly despise.

They are incapable of genuine repentance, because they blind themselves to their sins, and wash them away in their disgust with others whom they imagine are so much worse."


“The downward spiral of dumbness in America is about to hit a new low.”

Hunter S. Thompson

Another exciting day in the markets, as they nervously move from foot to foot, waiting to see what happens next in the world, from Iran to the G20.

Gold and silver were off day. No surprise there, since the lucky holders of in-the-money call options from yesterday end up holding futures contracts today. The wiseguys always like to give them a little test on those new positions.

But let's face it. The metals have had one heck of a run, and are due for a little back and fill consolidation here.

Stocks remain a bit of an edgy deal, since they have come back so briskly from the big December sell off.

It still seems that they are priced for a rosy scenario that does not exist and is in fact falling apart.

But, since the music is still playing, the players will keep dancing.

Need little, want less, love more.

Have a pleasant evening.