19 December 2013

Bubble-nomics: The Federal Reserve Balance Sheet and the SP 500

"How could I have done this? I was making a lot of money. I didn’t need the money. Am I a flawed character?

I realized from a very early stage that the financial market is a wholly rigged job. There’s no chance that investors have in this market....It’s unbelievable. Goldman-- no one has any criminal convictions. The whole new regulatory reform is a joke."

Bernie Madoff

"Unfettered capitalism is a revolutionary force that consumes greater and greater numbers of human lives, until it finally consumes itself."

Chris Hedges

"I preyed upon the weak, the harmless and the unsuspecting. This lesson I was taught by others: might makes right."

Carl Panzram, psychopath, serial killer

Not much is going to the real economy and the 99 percent, so it has to be going somewhere.

The creation of financial asset bubbles using the power of selective monetary inflation is 'trickle down' at its finest.

But certain assets may blurt out unpleasant truths, if they are allowed to speak.

This is not sustainable. What are they thinking?

Entitlement, indeed.