01 May 2015

Silver in the Individual Comex Warehouses

Here is the current state of silver stockpiles in the Comex warehouses.

Several people have remarked on the accumulation of silver in the JPM warehouse.

CNT has become a major wholesale dealer in the silver market, largely as a result of their contracts to deliver silver to the US mint.  The story of this small family coin business is interesting and you may read about it here.

It is not clear why JPM is accumulating silver in their warehouse, and why. And since this is a public warehouse, it is not even clear who in fact is the owner of the silver involved.  Is this really JPM's silver, or are they merely acting as the agent for another party or group?

I would imagine if JPM is the owner then one would find some indication of this ownership on their 'books' and that one could look at their physical position in relation to their large derivative positions.
The charts are from Nick Laird at Sharelynx.com