05 January 2010

Three Charts: Gold, Silver, Dollar

It will be interesting to see how the Fed and Treasury juggle the various markets that do not play well together, being stocks, dollar, and Treasuries, and of course those nasty reminders of dollar mortality, gold and silver. Although the ADP report tomorrow may be a bit light, we think the BLS will do its duty and show us a jobs positive report on Friday.

Gold Daily

The objective for gold is obviously to break back above its 40 day moving average, and take out 1140. The bear are defending this area with a vengance, shorting every rally.

Silver Daily

If silver can take out 18.40 it's off to the races and a new high.

US Dollar (DX) Daily

The dollar needs to take out 78.50 to label this rally as more than a dead cat bounce and keep going. If it takes out 77 and the moving average to the downside then we are looking at a key support test at 76.

US Dollar Commitments of Traders

Dollar is severely overbought by the funds and specs.

h/t jsmineset for the COT dollar chart