18 December 2017

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - The Bubble Has Awakened - Come and Get It

It looks like the pigmen in Congress and their corporate overlords are going to get their 'tax reform' for Christmas.


The various stock and serveral bond markets are in a financial asset bubble, and certain stocks are surging higher in some fairly impressive daily moves based on utter nonsense.

Bitcoin and the various related crypto-currency plays are now a bona fide mania.

I think this tops the valuations of the worst of the gerbil tossing tech stocks in the internet bubble at the turn of the century.

Who wold have thought they could do it again two more times, albeit with the generous assistance of the Fed and the acquiescence of the regulators.

Ski these black diamond slopes at your own risk.

If you are an expert, you don't need any advice from me.

I am just the old guy in the kitchen, baking cookies.  lol.

It is interesting to wonder what will break the bubbles, and if they will start falling in unison, or if one breaks and others get some legs before they too roll over.

We'll never learn.  We should not have bailed them out.  Perhaps we ought to have driven a stake in their collective heart of darkness.

Have a pleasant evening.